Fights, Catch me if You can

Catch Me If You Can, also known as Cops And Robbers is a game many criminals play. There are two basic types of criminals, the Catch Me If You Can criminal and the straight professional. The straight professional is in it for the money, and is very seldom caught. He never operates without making sure he won’t be arrested by planning properly, leaving no clues behind and bribing authorities if possible.

Some criminals are a mix of the two types and usually escape detection, but occasionally indulge in a game of Cops And Robbers and are then caught. Professional criminals do a clean job and leave nothing which might give them away – game players leave “calling cards”. There was even a Robber who held up a store wearing overalls with the word “Janitor” and the name of an apartment block on the back. He was speedily arrested.

It has been observed that many serial killers seem to want to be caught, and become more and more brazen with each crime until eventually they are caught. In fact, if it weren’t for this factor, few serial killers would be caught. This is clearly a game of Catch Me If You Can, where the major thrill comes from getting caught.

Because of the nature of the crime, it is possible that all serial killers are playing this game, as there are very few who haven’t been caught (Jack the Ripper being one, although it has been suggested that he was a prominent person and the capture was hushed up out of deference to the family concerned – the victims being prostitutes of no importance).

If a serial killer really didn’t wish to be caught then it is likely that he could continue until infirmity or death rendered it impossible to commit the crimes, as there is usually no connection between the killer and his victims, and normal police methodology depends on such connections. Also, many have rituals which eventually give clues and lead to their capture.

Gamblers show the same dichotomy between the game player and the professional, where the professional makes sure of not losing. For the game player, the Adult desire to win is exceeded only by the Child thrill of losing. You can bet on the House winning and the average gambler losing!