The psychological process of motivation in different areas

Understanding the motives that impel a person to be active, you can purposefully influence on their behavior and activities. Analysis and update of the motives are important to guide the activities. Leader, teacher, coach, those are the people who know what is and how to activate the psychological process of motivation, reach, as a rule, considerable success. For example:

teacher, knowing what motives help to mobilize the student to learn, can enhance the action of some and weaken the effect of other (unwanted) motifs;

coach, guided in the motivational field of the athlete may at some point step up and strengthen the action of certain motives, and thereby increase the activity and success of its activities;

manager, motivating the employees, mobilize them to achieve a common goal.

To rely on the action only of financial incentive (money) is not right. Money - this is a significant motivational factor(stimulus to activity), but do not neglect other equally important sources of activity, because the desire for self-development and self-assertion, interest in the content and process of work - as effective and motives of their actualization can ensure success.

Knowledge of the psychological process of motivation is needed to teachers, coaches, managers, students - anyone who tries to encourage the activities of others or seeks to work with interest, easily and naturally.

Focusing in the psychology of motivation, you can learn:

-Set goals and reach them;

-Develop an interest in activities;

-Use group to encourage the activities of the individual.

Motivational sphere is dynamic enough and can be easily modified. After a few words of approval and a teacher, coach or manager can dramatically change the relationship of man to the educational and professional activities.

Head who knows about the motivation of his mployees can easily upgrade their motives to the necessary levels for the operation. But, it must be remebered that motivation is sometimes asource of costs.