Conflict Management Conferences

Conflict resolution may or may not require Conflict management conferences. These conferences help in conflict resolution in a constructive way. Conflict management conferences consist of four basic conflict resolution skill sets, useful to both members in conflict and third parties.

First are skills for establishing an efficient, open, trusting working association between the parties, and any involved third parties. Second are skills for creating a constructive problem-solving approach to the conflict.

Third are skills for developing effective group processes and decision-making processes. Fourth is substantive information of the related issues.

Any organization works on the principle of trust. So an efficient and trusting working relationship between all the parties is very important. This is the cornerstone of resolving any conflict in a constructive manner. This would decrease the temperatures and once trust has been built the ice on both sides would start to melt.

Once this is done, time for a constructive problem solving approach arrives. This should be done through thorough negotiations keeping in mind the requirements of all the parties. This technique involves finding a middle way between both the points of views.

This should be done with great care as this is the basis of conflict resolution and the cornerstone of conflict management conferences.

Then is the power of developing a working relationship in the decision making processes on all the parties as the problem solving approach tabled by the mediator has to be approved by the higher-ups of both the parties.

On the other hand the information of the issues related to the conflict should also be kept in mind while coming up with the problem solving approach as no know-how of these issues might lead to further disaster and all the work done under the banner of conflict management conferences may not bear any fruit.