Meine Buchempfehlung

The Consequence of Opportunity Problems and Intuition

Human intuition is the ability to find and take, in a second, solution to the problem or task, even if there is no logical reason for that.
There is no human in the world that has never experienced

the power of intuitive thinking. Human intuition is similar to the instant insight, instant illumination, which offers the only correct and unique solution. Moreover, paradoxical as it looks, though he does not know where a solution is, he believes in it, relying on its own sense of truth.

Opportunity Problems and Intuition - it is a way that comes from the human understanding of the world and reality. According to research by leading scholars, human intuition is one of the four mental functions. Followers of this trend are convinced that people who have an active intuition – it is avant-garde of the culture. They tend to desire for competence, efficiency in everything, and at the same time, they take any kind of activity as the original game.

People, who have intuition developed especially, are able to tackle new challenges, run them through your inner vision of reality. They are in some way able to identify the problem by giving to it heart and vitality, as if creating a living creature, living by own laws, its own independent life. In addition, as if by watching the developments, say the signs, which in real life indicate the correct solution.

Human intuition should not become an end for itself. It should remain as a tool to achieve goal set. It is wrong to think that the ability to own intuitions is automatically solved by itself. Human intuition, it was given at birth, works always. The main thing to use it on purpose, and then it becomes a faithful companion throughout the journey of life.

Man has two ways to perceive reality - logically and intuitively. Often, these two methods may conflict with each other. Logic denies intuition; human intuition is trying to crush the logic. However, it is possible to teach them to work together, so to speak in the same harness.

The logic is afraid of the knowledge possessed by human intuition, since it cannot understand where they come from. The same people, they fear those skills and knowledge that appear out of nowhere. Nevertheless, as soon as they are typed bold and believe in them, they are available to non-standard solutions and new opportunities that will help achieve the goal.

In order for human Opportunity Problems and Intuition and logic do not conflict with each other, they must provide a field in which they can work together. Human intuition sees the meaning of their work is to compile information that is collected. We do not even think about what a huge amount of information we get every second.

Human intuition is working together with all the information that comes to us not only from the outside, but also from the inner world. She is able to instantly edit and compile a wealth of information and provide us with a solution that requires no proof. The man suddenly realizes what to do. Then logic takes effect, it tries to validate the decision of intuition, and if she has enough experience, then it will try to override that decision.

It is in this sense we must understand that human intuition is a strategist and tactician of his logic. It is the understanding that leads you to inner peace and harmony of the arguments of reason.