Time Management Basics for Trainees

Time managemet is nothing but doing the right thing at an appropriate time thereby enhancing organisations value chain. Every aspiring trainees looking for a fruitful career in any

organisation must inculcate time management principles to enhance their reputation.

Also it will set  a benchmark for future course of actions thereby improving their productivity.The following basic principles will enable them to effectively manage time in a better way.The principles are as follows

Set clear goals: This is the most important criteria for implementing time management. Without knowing what you are going to do you cannot  set any timeframe. If you  have a clear target  in mind, you know how much time you need.

Once you set a clear  target  the organisation is also impressed with your performance and they will also assist you in furthering your time management skills.So it is imperative that trainees stay focussed on what they do and plan their execution in time.

Prioritising: Prioritising is nothing but creating importance for your tasks.You must be able to analyse which tasks needs to completed first and then which one is next important task.

If there are five tasks to be completed you should not leave three tasks incomplete rather you must complete all these five tasks according to their importance simultaneously and also within the timeframe.  

Scheduling: This is basically that the tasks that have been prioritised  should have a framework for effective implementaion of their plans.Trainees should know that this is how I am going to do it and these are the steps that I am going to take to effectively implement my plans.

This will  enhance your productivity skills and also the organisation will have confidence in your capabilities and will allocate complex tasks in future  thereby improving your value chain.